Why work with us?

Impact on people’s lives – This is at the heart of what we do. By getting involved you can expect the following outcomes:

  • You can deliver a sustainable impact on a community
  • Your involvement can be a catalyst for other investment and community initiatives
  • Your staff sharing their skills and time enables communities to help themselves

Impact on your business – As part of your wider Corporate Social Responsibility programme, working with Participate can help you boost your profile as a socially responsible business. A partnership can help you:

  • Demonstrate commitment to your community, clients and staff
  • Increase employee loyalty and pride
  • A positive impact on your businesses productivity, skills base and team working

Impact on your employees – Working with Participate on your employee supported volunteering is a competitive way to develop your workforce. We can work with you to ensure any volunteering aligns with your organisations objectives as well as leadership and development objectives. Benefits to staff:

  • Develop leadership skills and opportunities to explore new ways of working
  • Increase staff loyalty and motivation through positive experiences
  • Enhances staff awareness of communities in which you operate